Company Profile

Morooj for Oil & Gas Services, established in 2004, encompasses projects in the oil and gas industry at both onshore and offshore locations. The company supplies the oil industries all their needs. Our company provides a full range of services to the oil & gas industry. Its mission is to introduce emerging innovative technological products to the Libyan oil and gas market. This goal is being attained by teamwork of highly motivated and energetic personnel with great technical and marketing experience. Although the company is relatively new in the Libyan market, its management team has a strong experience (more than 14 years) in oil and gas field. With over 20 years of work experience, our professional staff will facilitate all the necessary resources in order to fill their clients needs. Read More

Grow service revenue with world-class
lifecycle service and support.

Our company is specialized in providing Oil & Gas services, including supplying various type of material such as:-

1.Explosion protection and electrical products.
2.Big range of valve including special types.
3.Pipe fitting with wide variety of ranges.
4.Carbon based pumps and heat exchangers.
5.Tanks and vessels from a highly renowned providers.

And our company provide these services:

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